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Irrigation System Installer

20 January 2020
20 January 2020

Irrigation System Installer
(7 - Crafted & Related Trades Workers)

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Job Description

Irrigation system installers build the necessary infrastructure for irrigation of soil, usually for agricultural purposes. They may be specialised in one or more of the various types of stationary irrigation systems. They place sanitary equipment.


  • irrigation sprinkler system installer
  • irrigation project worker
  • irrigation specialist
  • irrigator
  • agricultural irrigation system installer
  • irrigation installer



Essential Skills and Competences

  • apply proofing membranes
  • check water pressure
  • follow health and safety procedures in construction
  • inspect construction supplies
  • install stationary sprinkler system
  • install water purity mechanism
  • set up drip irrigation system
  • set up water filtration system
  • transport construction supplies
  • use measurement instruments
  • use safety equipment in construction
  • work ergonomically

Essential Knowledge

  • mechanical systems
  • mechanics
  • types of piping

Optional Skill and Competence

  • answer requests for quotation
  • apply arc welding techniques
  • apply spot welding techniques
  • calculate needs for construction supplies
  • install SSTI system
  • install water reservoir
  • keep personal administration
  • keep records of work progress
  • maintain irrigation systems
  • monitor stock level
  • operate excavator
  • operate soldering equipment
  • order construction supplies
  • process incoming construction supplies
  • set up water pump
  • work in a construction team

Optional Knowledge

  • fertigation
  • sensors

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