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Irrigation System Installer
20 January 2020
Underground Heavy Equipment Operator
20 January 2020

(8 - Plants & Machine Operators & Assemblers)

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Job Description

Drillers set up and operate drilling rigs and related equipment designed to drill holes for mineral exploration, in shotfiring operations, and for construction purposes.


  • drillers assistant
  • assistant driller
  • earth driller



Essential Skills and Competences

  • check borehole depth
  • coordinate drilling
  • inspect drilling equipment
  • maintain drilling equipment
  • operate drilling equipment
  • position drills
  • record drilling
  • set up drilling rigs
  • transport drilling rigs
  • troubleshoot

Essential Knowledge


Optional Skill and Competence

  • follow health and safety procedures in construction
  • operate core drilling equipment
  • operate drilling jumbo
  • provide first aid
  • work ergonomically

Optional Knowledge

  • health and safety hazards underground
  • impact of geological factors on mining operations
  • mechanics

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